Springtime in the Rockies Caravan Guidelines

Caravan Guidelines

ALCOHOL:  Please exercise good judgment in the use of alcohol.  

ARRIVAL TIME will be designated in your Drivers Manual.  You may pass the leader while traveling, but PLEASE DO NOT ARRIVE AT THE CAMPGROUND AHEAD OF THE ADVANCE TEAM UNLESS YOU WANT TO PAY THE BILL!  This is very important.  It is suggested your travel should be leisurely, taking time to stop at points of interest between campgrounds.  Caravan leaders will travel with the Advance team.  The Caboose team will be the last to leave the campground and to assist in getting help if someone has a problem.  If you plan to arrive at the campground late, please inform the caravan leaders to avoid undue concerns.

CB RADIO:  We strongly recommend a CB in vehicle.  When calling on the CB please use your name.  If you desire to hold private conversations, switch to another channel; but remember to return to the caravan channel.  We will operate on channel 14 if possible.  When approaching a parking location, no unnecessary conversation, on channel 14.  If you use the CB for parking your RV, please switch to another channel.  In Canada new laws prohibit the driver from using the CB or cell phone- only passengers may utilize hand held communication devices.

CARPOOLS will be organized so we can optimize our opportunities to visit places after parking our units.  All passengers in a vehicle should share gas expenses.

CARAVAN FEE & REFUNDS:  Refunds will be given subject to leaders’ discretion, depending on commitments.  All WBCCI caravans are self-supporting.  We have confirmation of most expenses   and cookout costs, which have been estimated, based on experience.  The leaders will administer the KITTY, which consists of all fees.  You will receive a caravan budget before we leave.  Any monies left at the end of the caravan will be refunded to the caravan members upon completion of all accounting. A refund check will be mailed.

COOKOUTS:   All food, except beverages, will be furnished, and team assignments will be made.    Bring your own SET-UPS (dishes, beverages, silverware).

DUTY ROSTER:  The caravan functions with several teams, such as social team, advance team, caboose team, cookouts, and mail.  The Advance Team will leave at a designated time and arrive at the campground ahead of the rest of the caravan and make arrangements for parking.

EMERGENCIES:  Please notify the Caravan Leaders of any emergency.  Emergency information for each stop is listed in your Drivers Manual.  Should you have a major breakdown, notify the leaders as soon as is possible.  If you are in the camp and need help, turn on the lights and blow the horn in your tow vehicle.  Use of 4-way flashers is accepted signal for an emergency on or off the highway.


FIREARMS:  Do not carry firearms.  If you have a firearm in your vehicle or RV make arrangements to leave it with a friend, relative or at a police station.

FUELING UP:  If possible, fill your vehicle with fuel prior to moving day.  This limits the need for fuel stops with trailer in tow.  It also reduces the congestion in gas stations along the way.

GASOLINE:  Diesel and unleaded fuel are available everywhere.

GENERATORS: Generator hours typically are :  7am-10am, 5pm-8pm.  You will not be permitted to run a generator all night, even for a c-pap machine.  You will need have sufficient battery power to run any required machines at night.

HOOKING UP:  Please do not socialize with your neighbor when hooking up.  This can, and often does, cause both of you to forget things.

IDENTIFICATION:  Please wear your WBCCI badge at paid events.

INFORMATION will be distributed through a bulletin board posted at the Caravan leaders RV.  This would include special announcements, local information, and suggested activities.  This can also be used for caravan members to leave messages.  The CB radio will be used on occasion – especially in cases of inclement weather.  Check Drivers Manual for designated times for Drivers meetings.

INSURANCE:  Check with your insurance carrier and make sure your policy is valid.  Also check on your Health Insurance – is it good while traveling?

LEAVING THE CARAVAN:  Anyone may leave the caravan and return by notifying the caravan leader in writing.  Refunds for those finding it necessary to leave the caravan will be given subject to the Statement on Caravan Fees and Refunds shown above.  Any such refund period will start the day the Caravan Leaders have received written notification that it is necessary for a person to leave the caravan.

Motorhome and Trailer Leveling. Pads must be placed under levelers when parked on asphalt.

MAIL:  Mail can be received at the designated mail stop.

MAPS AND GPS:  We urge you to acquire maps and travel books from a travel club for each state and province on our route since they may be superior to the ones you may find along the way.  AAA does an excellent job of describing local touring information.  The caravan will not provide highway maps.  Local maps may generally be picked up at Visitors Centers or in campground offices.

We highly recommend each unit travel with a GPS with current US maps and become familiar with its operation.  Whenever possible, addresses of destinations will be printed in Drivers Manual.

MIRRORS:  Please remove or retract tow mirrors when the trailer is not attached. This is the law in many areas.

PARKING:  Please follow directions from the Advance Team.  Since some campgrounds have a variety of spaces that are available to the caravan, it will occasionally be necessary to park the smaller units on small lots in order to accommodate the size requirements or maneuverability of the longer units, In all cases the parking assignments are made by the Campground Hosts and are probably not subject to modifications.

PASSPORTS:  You must have a Passport to enter Canada and to return to the US. If you have a minor guest who is not your child, please bring a notarized statement from a parent granting permission. Expect to be inspected at the border into Canada.  Renew your passport if its expiration date is closer than 6 months of return to US. 

PETS:   While pets are welcome on the caravan, be aware that there are numerous problems that owners may experience with them.  Many caravan activities involve being away from the RVs for extended periods.  At times it might be quite warm to leave pets unattended in RVs and air conditioning may not be available.  At a few RV parks where we will be staying, parks dictate pets must not be left unattended for extended periods. Where possible, leaders have inquired about pet owners hiring pet sitters while away from rigs.  No pets at any caravan functions.  This includes drivers’ meetings.  Pets are to be exercised in designated area or outside the camp area, and owners are to clean up after them every time – rain or shine.  NO EXCUSES – NO EXCEPTIONS!  No excessive barking allowed.

PROPANE:  Is plentiful along our route and at some of the campground we will use.

PROBLEMS:  Please come to the Caravan leaders with any problems.

SMOKING:  No smoking at any group function.  Please comply with restrictions posted elsewhere.

SUGGESTED ITEMS to bring along are: bikes camera, camcorders, binoculars, fishing gear, golf clubs and items to pursue your particular interest.  Weather can vary, so be prepared for all kinds, especially rain and cold.  Comfortable walking shoes are a must.  Suntan lotion or sunscreen may be needed.

THANKS:  Let us give “Thanks” before each meal by observing a few minutes of silence.

TOW VEHICLE & RV:  Both should be in A-1 condition.  Check the brakes, wheel bearings, hoses, fuel filter, steering and alignment, water pump and have good tires and a good spare.  We will be traveling on some long grades and some steep grades, so check your radiator to make sure it’s in good condition – check for chemical buildup.  Overheating can cause problems much more costly than a new radiator.  It is best that all tow vehicles be equipped with a transmission cooler.  Gearing down is a rule for both up and down hill grades.  This saves the brakes from becoming overheated on downhill grades and avoids constant shifting going up hill.

Check the ball hitch regularly for tightness, cracks, and broken welds.  Check bolts on the platform hitch.    Lubricate your hitch as required.  Check wheel lugs and have a good battery.  Be sure water pump, water heater and refrigerator work and gas bottles are full; check for gas leaks.

TOURING ON YOUR OWN:  We encourage you to stop, look and see as much as you can on the trip.  However, please let the Caravan leaders know if you make alternate plans and will not be able to attend a scheduled function.  Refunds may not be given as many are based on a specified attendance and we have to pay whether you are there or not.

TOWING AND ROAD SERVICE INSURANCE: Towing insurance for RVs is advisable.  Breakdowns or tire failures can and do happen.  It is recommended you carry some form of insurance for this purpose.

TRASH:  Put trash in securely tied plastic bags and dispose of it in proper receptacles.

TRAVELING:  The caravan will not convoy.  If you can read the numbers on the rig in front of you, you are too close.  NEVER attempt to pass another vehicle on downgrade or upgrade on a secondary road.  If 4 or 5 vehicles pile up behind you, pull off the road at the first safe spot to let them pass.  Be sure your rig is entirely off the road, and watch the rough berms.  If you have trouble and need help, raise the hood and set out your safety triangles.  Have someone communicate with other caravans via CB.   Except for the Advanced Team, in most cases departure can be at your leisure. For safety purposes, traveling with another unit is suggested.

WATER:  Always travel with a full fresh water tank.  Be sure the pump works and there are no leaks.  The best way to have fresh water is to keep the tank full and use it.  Replace washers on water hose connections and carry extras.  Certain conditions could require a pressure regulator.

WATER HOSE:  Use 5/8 in. non-toxic water hoses.  Do not let the ends drop on the ground.

WORSHIP SERVICES:  Caravanning affords a wonderful opportunity to worship in a different setting and to meet local people. 

Notice to all Participants

Neither the Club, nor its officers, nor any WBCCI sanctioned leader of caravans shall be responsible for the loss of or damage to property or injury to or death of any participant in any duly authorized WBCCI caravan.  Protect yourself and your property at all times.