Volunteering – Be Part of Our Big Family

Become Part of our Big Family – Volunteer

We want each and every one of you to have a Great Adventure as you discover and explore the beauty of the area. We want you to make new life long friends, and most importantly to have lots of fun.

When Wally Byam first started running Caravans, the people who went with him volunteered to do things.  They formed parking committees, social committees, carried firewood for evening events, and many other things.  Often Wally asked individuals to do these things, but in many cases people just offered their support.  This spirit of volunteerism forms the basis of all of the things we do in WBCCI – from running rallies and events to being officers at all levels in the Club.  However, in no instance is it more fundamental than in our Caravan Program.

Although there are many other Caravans offered in the marketplace today, WBCCI Caravans stand out because of their price, the extent of their itineraries, and the strong feeling of “family” that they foster. We believe this is because everyone on a WBCCI Caravan is expected to become a part of the operation of the Caravan, not to just sit back and go along for a guided tour.

The volunteer participation begins with the Caravan Leaders who spend many hours planning, scouting, setting up, advertising, registering members for, and then operating the Caravan.  It continues when the Caravan members are asked to take on specific Caravan jobs, such as Advance Team, Caboose, librarian, mail person, cookouts – just to name a few.  Working on these jobs does more than getting the job done – it fosters an environment for people to work together and get to know each other.

Just as in a family, members are expected to volunteer and do their share in all of the every day activities, like:

  • Offering to drive on “carpool” tours
  • Asking others to go with you when touring or exploring
  • Taking your turn in the back of the bus on a tour day
  • Conserving or sharing amenities (water, electricity, etc.) when there is not enough to go around – as frequently happens when we arrive as a group in some of the more remote sites
  • Getting in and out of dump sites promptly when others are waiting
  • Pitching in to help other members when they run into trouble
  • Gathering tour/scenic information to share with everyone

We often see members offer to add events or activities to a Caravan that bring members even closer together, such as:

  • Impromptu hot dog suppers
  • Hosting an unscheduled group happy hour
  • Arranging unscheduled tours of places you found interesting
  • Inviting others (or whole groups, or even everyone) to dinner
  • Sharing scenic photos
  • Offering to share skills or information (haircuts, digital photo advice, safety checks, CB tuning help, hitch set up help, recipes, and much more)

So remember to go with a spirit of Adventure, enjoy the Scenery, the People and Wildlife. Become part of this new big family of ours, and make new friends for life. Finally, Smile and have the best of times with your fellow Caravanners.